Keep your conversations private

A user-friendly, global messaging app that prioritizes your privacy, allowing you to chat with friends and family worry-free.

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Stay connected and keep your conversations private

No data collection

Trust that your data is not being collected or sold to third-party advertisers, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

Unique end-to-end encryption

Enjoy secure conversations with UP Messenger's innovative encryption method, generating a new key for each chat, setting us apart from other messaging apps.

Self-destructing messages

Have sensitive conversations? No problem! Set messages to self-destruct and ensure they're gone forever.

Secure file sharing

Share files without the fear of them being compromised with UP Messenger's secure file sharing feature.

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About the UP Messenger

Join the privacy-first movement with UP Messenger. Keep your conversations secure and your personal information safe from prying eyes. Connect with loved ones and colleagues without sacrificing privacy. Download UP Messenger now and experience the difference.

Experience encrypted messaging for secure one-on-one and group chats

Maintain privacy in both personal and work-related communications

Keep hackers at bay, ensuring your messages and shared content stay safe

Confidently share sensitive info with timed self-deleting messages

Want to step UP your privacy game?

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What our users say:

  • "The UP Messenger makes me feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics with friends and coworkers."


  • "I really like the self-deleting messages feature, as it adds an extra layer of privacy when sharing personal information."


  • "UP Messenger has become my go-to app for chatting – the unique encryption keeps my conversations truly private and secure."


  • "Its user-friendly interface and focus on security make it my top choice for both personal and professional communications."


About UNplugged

Unplugged is a software and hardware company that provides privacy-oriented solutions to its users. At Unplugged, we're passionate about your privacy and committed to creating a safer online world.

With UP Messenger, our privacy-first app, you can communicate freely without fear of being tracked or monitored. Our team of experts provides you with reliable and affordable tools to protect yourself online, because privacy and security are fundamental rights. Join the millions who trust UP Messenger to protect their privacy. Download UP Messenger today and experience the difference.

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Does the UP Messenger work on all devices?

Yes, UP Messenger is available on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and the web, so you can use it on all your devices without any compatibility issues.

Can I use UP Messenger to communicate with people who don't have the app?

No, UP Messenger requires all users to have the app installed in order to communicate securely. We are working on something great, and we know you will enjoy it a lot, so this answer might change in the very near future. Stay tuned!