Protect your personal data

Protect your digital experience from malware and viruses with the UP Antivirus.

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Protect your personal data

Advanced malware detection and removal

Say goodbye to pesky viruses and malware with our advanced detection and removal technology.

Real-time protection against cyber threats

Stay ahead of hackers with our real-time protection against emerging threats.

Keep updated with the newest security risks

Never worry about being vulnerable to the latest threats again.

Free-trial before committing

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What is an Antivirus?

An antivirus is a security application that protects your cell phone from malicious software and other cyber threats. As more and more people rely on their smartphones for personal and professional use, mobile security has become increasingly important.

Secure your personal and financial information from cybercriminals.

Protect your cell phone against dangers that can compromise your information and harm your device.

Prevent malicious websites and phishing scams from stealing your sensitive data.

Optimize your device's performance by removing unwanted apps and files.

Don't leave your cell phone vulnerable to cyber threats.

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What our users say:

  • "The UP Antivirus has made it easy for me to stay updated on the latest threats. I feel more in control of my device's security now".


  • "Since using UP Antivirus, I've noticed fewer issues with my phone, and I'm confident my data is safe from malware and hackers."


  • "I tried the 14-day free trial, and I was impressed! UP Antivirus is easy to use and offers great security features."


  • "It's been a fantastic experience! It keeps my device running smoothly, and has removed unwanted files."


About UNplugged

Unplugged is a software and hardware company that provides privacy-oriented solutions to its users.

We understand that privacy is a fundamental right, and we're here to help you defend it. Our mission is to empower you with the tools you need to take control of your digital life and protect your personal data from prying eyes. With the UP Antivirus, you can browse the web with peace of mind, knowing you're protected by the best.

Get UP Antivirus

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How does UP Antivirus protect my personal data?

UP Antivirus protects your personal data by scanning and detecting threats on your device in real-time. It also offers a variety of privacy and security features to ensure the safety of your sensitive information.

Is UP Antivirus compatible with my cell phone operating system?

Yes, UP Antivirus is compatible with Android and iOS {check the minimum requirements for each}, ensuring that you can protect your device regardless of which OS you are using.

How often should I run a virus scan with UP Antivirus?

We recommend running a virus scan with UP Antivirus at least once a week to ensure your device is protected from potential threats. However, if you frequently download files or use public Wi-Fi, we recommend running scans more often to be on the safe side.