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Unplugged FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Unplugged?

Unplugged is a Software and Secure Smartphone solution designed to protect you from interception, hacking, viruses, malware, and to keep your data where it belongs, in your hands only.

We offer our users the UP Suite, including the secure UP Messenger, the world-class UP VPN, and Unplugged's proprietary UP Anti-Virus. In addition, we offer a government-grade secure smartphone, the UP Phone, for users who wish to have our highest level of communications and browsing protection.

What am I paying for and why do you charge for your solution?

If you are getting a product for free, then you are the product. Big tech companies and free platforms are continuously monitoring and analyzing your activities, then selling the data to third-parties or utilizing it themselves to advertise, influence your opinions, or sell you a product or service. With Unplugged, your data and activity remains yours. We encourage you to read our User Agreement where we undertake to protect your data and never use it for advertisement or sell it with third-parties.

Our UP Suite, including the UP Messenger, UP VPN and UP Antivirus is available for a small monthly fee that's priced lower than the alternatives, and provides the leading protection against data theft, monetization of your private behavior, malware and malicious interception.

How can I trust you?

Unplugged has hired independent auditors to conduct periodic penetration tests on our platform's security. We also hired Cye Security ( ), one of the leading cybersecurity firms, to provide ongoing advisory services and reviews of our platform. If you're a cyber expert and still have doubts, we invite you to write to us or apply to participate in our White Hat Program, where you'll get a chance to win prizes if you are able to detect any vulnerabilities in our hardware or software. We also give qualified professionals the option to visit us at our R&D offices and perform a white room code review, so that you can see for yourself that we have no back doors.

Are you compliant with GDPR?

Yes! As a European company we are required by law to comply with the rules of the GDPR and our User Agreement where. Unlike Big Tech, which surveills, monitors and monetizes your data, we strictly adhere to GDPR laws and do not ask you to waive them.

UP Phone

What is the UP Phone?

The UP Phone is a privacy-first, proprietary and secure smartphone designed by cybersecurity professionals for everyday usage. The UP Phone runs the proprietary LibertOS operating system which is secure by design and free of Big Tech components that are typically installed to collect user information for advertising and monetization purposes. The UP Phone protects you from advertising trackers and any kind of spying and intrusion while providing the regular usage experience you are used to.

How does the UP Phone keep my data secured?

UP Phone is designed to secure your data and protect your privacy. While most modern phones encrypt your data, the operating system of the phone is not privacy oriented. In fact it is designed to monetize your private data. The phone is also vulnerable to third-party apps that are installed on the device, most of which are free, but highly vulnerable to misuse, activity tracking, and monetization of a user's private data.

UP Phone mitigates the above vulnerabilities by having an operating system that has no vendor-designed ecosystem built to extract and analyze data that can be later monetized by advertisers or service providers. UP Phone also gives a user more visibility, control and awareness of third-party data usage and risks in case a third-party app must be used.

What is the price of the UP Phone and where can I see the specs?

The phone’s price is $949 plus $25 shipping. Purchase is split between two payments: 1) a deposit of $449; and 2) order completion of $525, including shipping fees to be automatically charged before delivery.

Where is the UP Phone manufactured?

The UP Phone is made in Indonesia.

When will I get my UP Phone?

You can expect your UP Phone to be delivered in May 2024. Please note that delivery dates are subject to potential extensions due to factors such as production volumes and unforeseen circumstances.

How can I track the status of my order?

Upon order confirmation of your order (to be available soon) you will receive an email with your confirmation code. As we get closer to delivery, you will receive a notification and will be able to track your order on the Unplugged Website If you have any questions, you can always contact us at [email protected].

Will I have the same experience as with a normal phone?

Yes and no. If you are already an Android user you should be familiar with our user experience as it is very similar to Android. However, for obvious security and privacy reasons, the UP Phone doesn't have Google Play Services preloaded. The Play Store is replaced by the unrestricted UP Store. Most Android apps are fully compatible with the UP Phone, but you'll be using them in a secure, privacy-first environment.

Do I get a warranty?

Yes. We provide a 1-year limited warranty.

UP Suite

What is the UP Suite?

The UP Suite consists of a package of our proprietary apps, which we make available for you to download to your Android phone and which are preinstalled on the UP Phone. Currently, the UP Suite consists of our UP Store, which holds all of our proprietary apps (including the UP Messenger, UP VPN, and UP Antivirus), but also many third-party apps.

What is included in the UP Suite?

The UP Messenger, UP VPN and UP Antivirus, with more to come.

What is the cost of the UP Suite?

The cost is US$12.99 per month or US$129.99 per year.

What devices are compatible with the UP Suite?

Devices running Android 7 and above (ARM 64bit).

Can I try it before paying?

Yes! You can use the promo code UP2022 and get a 14-days free trial. No credit card is required.

Why do I need a VPN?

Websites and online platforms use a variety of methods to identify their visitors and keep track of their activities. One of the ways to do so is tracking the IP of the user to identify its location and match it with additional information they collect. Furthermore, as you browse through the Internet, or use software that requires Internet access, you are sending information packages to the Internet and the routers and switches along the way track the online destinations you are trying to reach. Think about it like an envelope with the origin and destination address that every postman and truck driver can see. So even if the content of the package is encrypted (like in the UP Messenger), the “middlemen” can still see the destination of your package. Moreover, hackers take advantage of routers and access-points (like in an airport or hotel) to identify, analyze and track your activity and personal information - location, movement, the nature of the apps you use, the languages in which you communicate, your personal preferences, and dozens of other parameters. When using our VPN you are only communicating with the Unplugged servers, which provide a safe tunnel that prevents hackers from seeing the destination of the packages and prevents websites and apps from identifying your location, your data, and your online destination. With the UP VPN, websites can only see the Unplugged server IP, but never yours.

Why is the UP Messenger secure?

The UP Messenger is built on top of the Matrix Standard Protocol, complemented by additional enhancements. The Matrix Standard is an open standard for communication, offering state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption through the Olm and Megolm cryptographic ratchets.

We advocate the use of open standards because they allow the community to review and validate them. A crucial security feature of UP Messenger is that, unlike some other messaging platforms, all communication – whether messages or voice calls – is end-to-end encrypted. As a result, none of the communications can be decrypted by the server. While we do utilize servers, their primary roles are user authentication, message routing, and call signaling. For instance, if Party A wishes to call Party B, the server signals both participants about the incoming call. Both parties then generate new encryption keys known only to them, ensuring that none of your communications can be decrypted by our server or any other intermediary. Furthermore, clients prioritize establishing peer-to-peer connections, bypassing server routing. This approach not only enhances performance but also ensures superior audio quality.

What is the UP Messenger?

The UP Messenger is a completely secure and private messenger, utilizing state of the art encryption standards and protocols. The UP Messenger not only decrypts direct messages between 2 parties, but can also provide E2E encryption for group conversations with separated keys for authentication and encryption. Voice and video calls generate new keys for every session and are end-to-end encrypted as well. That means no one (not even Unplugged) can monitor your call or read your messages. This provides the maximum protection you need to communicate securely.

What is end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption is a method of securing a channel of communication by encrypting messages at both ends of the conversation. The main advantage of end-to-end encryption is it restricts any third-party from reading the transmitted data from anyone but the recipient.

My current messenger app has end-to-end encryption. Is that enough?

Not really. Unfortunately some messenger apps monetize end users in one way or another. For example, the app that actually encrypts and decrypts the data can access the message content locally. Then, the app can analyze your data or send it to be analyzed on a server. The data can then be used to monetize your message content or it can be sold to third-parties. Another risk of this common vulnerability is that your data exists and is recorded on the app provider's server. The data then becomes accessible by the app provider's employees and vulnerable to hacking by malicious actors.

What other services are going to be a part of the UP Suite?

Unplugged is working to add secure storage (UP Vault), secure email (UP Email) and a social networks (UP Sonar) as a part of the UP Suite. Stay tuned for more!

Where can I read the full term and conditions related to the UP Suite?

The terms and conditions of the UP Suite are available here: