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Welcome to the Unplugged Challenge Series.

With this, we are announcing the first in a series of challenges being established to continually test the privacy and security of the Hardware, Software, and Networking layers of the Unplugged System. For the first challenge we are asking participants to try to penetrate the Unplugged Messenger messaging storage on our servers.

Future chapters of the Unplugged Challenge will include an opportunity to go after our VPN, get within proximity of the phones, track the phones geolocation, take over the app store, and other challenges we hope to author with your assistance. How do you test privacy and security best?



The opportunity

In Scope


We have deposited $5,000 into a crypto wallet (USDT (ERC20): 0x85d68e4000d1798Ccf3F52975fd239C38780F234). 

A series of phones will be passing the private key to this wallet back and forth between them, your task is to get into the system, find the messages, capture the private key and take the $5,000. 

If that is as far as you want to go, the money is all yours. If you want to show us how you did it, demonstrate the pathways to our CTO, and help us harden the system, we have an additional $20,000 for you!



Out of Scope


Denial of Service vulnerabilities (DOS)

Phishing attacks that involves tricking the user into entering credentials.

Spam (sms, email, etc)

Physical Attacks

Out of Scope



Free speech, privacy, and security.

Unplugged at last.

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