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The termĀ unplugged is popularly used in music, where an unplugged musical performance would include only acoustic instruments (no electric). Cable channels MTV and VH1 both have aired many unplugged performances in the past, with some of the most popular shows coming from bands as diverse as Nirvana, Eric Claption, Pearl Jam, Katy Perry and Alice in Chains.

Unplugged is also a popular term used in relation to many people’s obsession with technology. There are many coaches, camps and guides available to teach people (or force people) to “unplug” from all the computers, phones, and other gadgets that have come to dominate many people’s lives in this connected society.

The term unplugged is also used by battery, solar and other types of power companies that allow people to work or live “unplugged” — away from cords and electrical plug-ins for many hours at a time, or even totally off the power grid.

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